One of the programs offered at CEIA is Advanced Level. And what exactly is Advanced Level (A Level)? The A Level is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification offered by the educational bodies in the United Kingdom and the educational authorities of British crown dependencies to students completing secondary or pre-University education. A number of countries have developed qualifications with the same name as and similar format to the British ‘A’Levels, CEIA is one of the approved school from British Council where ‘A’ Level program can be run. Obtaining A Level to equivalent qualifications is generally required for university entrance, with universities granting conditional offers base on grades achieved. 

Normally, students take between 3 and 5 A Levels in their first year of sixth form, and most cut back to 3 in their second year. This is because university offers are normally based on 3 A Levels. Unlike other level 3 qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate, A Levels have no specific subject requirements, so students have the opportunity to combine any subject they wish to take. However, students normally pick their courses based on the degree they wish to purpose at university: most degrees require specific A Levels for entry, such as a level mathematics for a mathematics degree.

As we await your kids to take their A Level with us at CEIA, be rest assured that a handful of dedicated and experience internationally certified teachers await you. Welcome to Central Emirates International Academy – A Level.

Our SAT program runs from January to December and registration is on termly basis. Simulation rest takes place at American Embassy a week before the examination, the next SAT examination comes up in the month of May 2019.

Subjects for the SAT are spread across; Science, Commercial and Arts

Science Subject:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Physic
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Commercial Subject:
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Commerce
  • Arts Subject:
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Literature in English
  • Government
  • History