Our Computerized Base Test Centre is a facility with equipment in modern computation with 300 (three hundred) client computers and 4 (four) server computers fully networked into the server room. The entire computer system are in a single hall but sections into a split of 4 (four) sectional operation for 80 computers for each section. The Centre have an inverter backup power for 8 (eight) hours. The entire hall has CCTV surveillance within the hall and external view with a monitor in the server room. We have two dedicated 40kva and 100kva generators to support power supply in case of any power failure. The Centre is fully air-conditioned suitable for exams, training and conferencing.

The entire Central Emirates International Academy Abuja is highly secured and homely environment with Police operative and internal security with a number of 10 (ten) staff in the security department. The Centre has a team of staff with expertise in Computer Engineering/Networking, Electrical Electronic/Engineering and Project Management. The Centre facility is located at the school special hall section in the second floor which eliminate distraction and conducive for exams, learning and conferencing. And for guest houses are in place for passing the nights if so wished.

The Computerized Base Test Centre facility has being accredited and used for exam by Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) for a period of four years without any challenge. We have currently upgraded for the upcoming UTME 2018 Exams with recent technology that will aid learning and conferencing.

We assure our clients or intending clients that if they show interest or require the use of the Centre for exams, training and conferencing we will make further provision suitable to meet the need of the organization.

Please for further enquiring call: 08033131549, 08030400562, 08188288387

Thanks in anticipation as we wait for your responses.

Yours Faithfully,