Christian Religious Studies (CRS) is widely regarded as one of the most Important subject in Nigeria today it is evident that the study of Christian Religious Studies plays a significant role in the moral development of pupils in most of the Nigerian societies. This subject gained its root into Nigeria education system through the European Missionaries who introduced the subject as a means of converting Nigerians into white man’s religion (Christianity).

The introduction of CRS as one of the subjects in arts came into being with the introduction of other categories like science and technological subjects when the Federal Government took over most of the schools in Nigeria. It is believed that the introduction of CRS will help in the moral teachings and development of pupils in Nigeria especially the youths.

Morals define the pattern of behaviour that the society wants from the people. Certain behaviours are considered to be undesirable. According to (Kohlberg, 2009) infants have little or no moral sense, because they are not born with an understanding of the nature of human relationships. As children reach elementary school age, they enter into first major stage of moral understanding known as the pee-conventional stage. Pee-conventional children are essentially selfish in orientation. They do not think about what behaviour will serve the greater good, but rather think in terms of what will most benefit them. They respond primarily and think of morality as a matter of following rules so as to avoid punishment. As children grow into adulthood, they typically enter into the stage of conventional moral understanding. Some children will be developmentally delayed in this regard and become adults who have the moral understanding of children.


  1. It equips the learner with an understanding of God. It also aid spiritual growth
  2. The learner acquires life skills to handle challenges in life.
  3. It helps one to respect his/he own and other peopleā€Ÿs religious beliefs.
  4. It helps one to acquire basic principles for Christian living and moral values.
  5. It enables one to understand how to relate with other people.
  6. It gives answers to questions and mysteries of life.
  7. Christian Religious Studies explains the origin and purpose of human beings on earth.